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Image Handling on Eos

This section describes the image formats supported by Eos, and the method to convert the general image format into those ones.

Image format conversion

Data shot by electronic microscopes (hereinafter called EM) are different with each other. Since the MRC-type format is used on Eos, it is necessary to convert data into the MRC-type format. • MRC2000-format • MRC_file_format • CCP4 File Format

File conversion on Eos

1. Conversion from TIF to MRC (gray scale): tiff2mrc Exercise: Convert the format of the supplied file, example-001.tif, into MRC. The sampling rate of this image’s pixels is 1.25A. Set RESOLUTION to 1.25. Name the output file example-001.mrc.

$ tiff2mrc -i example-001.tif -o example-001.mrc -R 1.25

2. Conversion from MRC to TIF (gray scale): mrc2tiff Exercise: Convert the format of the supplied file into TIFF. Convert the MRC file which has been converted once above into a TIF file. Create an 8-bit TIF file with a name of example-001-8bit.tif.

$ mrc2tiff -i example-001.mrc -o example-001-8bit.tif 

3. Other tools • Conversion from MRC o Conversion from MRC to GIF (gray scale): mrc2gif o Conversion from MRC to GIF (RGB-based coloring): mrcImageColoring o mrc2lattice o mrc2viff o mrc2fld o mrc2pov • Conversion to MRC o arra2mrc o emData2mrc o bin2mrc o ip2mrc o moi2mrc • Others o pdb2ucd o dos2unix

MRC file formats on Eos

Caution: Note that file formats are slightly different with each other even among the same MRC type.

1. Willy Wriggers: Situs, CCP4 and MRC 3D Density Map File Formats and Format Conventions report

When using Eos, be careful about the following: 1. Length is usually handled with a sampling interval similar to that of voxel. Note that this is different from that of other formats.

2. The CCP4-2000 (MRC2000) format has been supported gradually. Although the reading format is supported currently, the writing format is not supported perfectly yet.

3. Some commands are not perfect. If there is something strange in the command behavior, confirm the symptom using mrcInfo, and Make settings using mrcInfoSet.