Particle picking

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This tutorial conducts a method to extract ROI areas manually by Display2. For details, refer to the description of particle extraction by Display2. This section describes a method to cut out ROI areas with a certain size one by one.

1. First, open the file containing the particles you wish to cut out. To do so, specify like below:

$ Display2 -i example.ctf -Inverse 

2. Then, set the size of the ROI area. Press the ROI button on the right side of the screen to open the window. Press the MultiROI and SizeLock buttons in the window. Finally, press ROIInfo to open the window for roiinfo.

3. In the open window, set up the width and height values. Specify a number calculated by subtracting one from the size you wish to cut out. Now, set it to 511 x 511.

  • This is the specification determined when Display2 was developed. This number corresponds to the distance between centers of two pixels. In short, if this number is set to 127, a file of 128 pixels is cut out.

4. Click the mouse around the area you wish to cut out.

5. Set up the ROI area.