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Here, describe how to develop of Object-oriented library(API). In this time, makeobj and protoObjectMethodCreate perform important role. They provide library that is based on specific conventions.

How to create directories for development of Library(API)

First, Create directories of development.

$ maketobj ClassName ToolName new

perform as above,then the directory "$EOS_HOME/src/Tools/ClassName/ToolName" is created.
 And directories: src, inc, Config, doc are created in this.

Create Header File, Source File

 First, use protoObjectMethodCreate under created directory(e.g. inc, src), then the prototypes of Header File and Source File are created.

Compile Library(API)

 By using the following commands, compile source codes of Library(API), and transform library of executable.

$ make check
$ make depend
$ make clean
$ make 
$ make install

Now, if this is related to some Small Tools or Library(API), these are required to recompile.