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List of Integrated Commands

Here, we show the list of Integrated Commands provided in Eos. Currently, most of them is written by Makefile or bash. We will provide those written by PIONE in the near future.

Image Correction

CTF Correction

Main items described in the CTF Correction are the following:

Apply CTF Correction to tiff files: (Makefile only ) (all files)

CTF Correction using an input file : (Makefile only) (all files)

Compare the CTF-corrected images of a field with different amount of defocus: (Makefile only) (all files)
This command requires the following command. (Makefile only) (all files)

Do CTF Correction using two input files for images of a field with different amount of defocus.: (Makefile only) (all files)

Single particle analysis

Classification of 2D images (Cluster analysis) and getting of average image

Estimation of projection angle using reference

Helical Single particle analysis

Electron tomography

Electron tomography method by using multiple ROI files

Helical Symmetry analysis

3D Reconstruction by Helical Symmetry

2D Image Processing

3D Image Processing

Resolution analysis

FRET analysis